Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ok everyone... I was visiting burfica's blog and she has a "question" post which I liked. She sent me along some questions to answer so here they

1. Tell us about your favorite job you have ever had. Well this is a toughie because after working in retail most of my life I can honestly say I have hated most of my jobs. I guess I would have to say my favourite job AND my toughest is the job of "mom". Hopefully I haven't messed up the gremlins so bad that they are axe murderers when they are out on their own. I haven't been the best Mom but have shown them and told them every single day of their lives how much I love them.

2. you are trapped in your house with 40 feet of snow out. You are stranded with the Gnome and the Gremlins. How do you spend your time, and how do you go about not killing them? Well you forget I am a Canadian so this has happened to us before. Well not with 40 feet of snow but with enough snow that we couldn't go outside and have lost power. When the kids were little, we would play go fish for hours and hours to pass the time. We would even go as far to sing Barney songs to keep me from strangling Now that they are older, we play Monopoly or have tickle fights..Both pass the time quite effectively..If that doesn't work, slip some sendatives in their milk and knock them out for a few hrs (yes I am just kidding.....or am I???)..lmao

3. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why? Hmmm I am tempted to say Brazil because that is where I tell the Gnome that I am running away to when he pisses me I guess if I could live anywhere else it would be on a warm beach somewhere....a place where I could see water everyday and swim (which is my favourite thing to do in the world). Actually, if I could move one place it would be to move back home. We relocated last july for my gnome's work and I miss my Mom so much that it is insane. Wish I could move back to hometown to see her everyday again.

4. Tell us how you met the Gnome and use the words "artsy-craftsy", "mango", "dwarf-hamster", and "supercalafragalisticexpialadocious"
Ok well the story of how I met the Gnome is sorta a funny one. We actually met through an online dating site. No that isn't the funny The funny part is why we both signed up in the 1st place. I thought the whole thing was stupid but I got drunk one night with my best friend , drinking mango tonics (not really but trying to use fica's Anyway, I refused to sign up for it, so when we were drunk and at my house,my best friend went on my puter and signed me up as a joke. Well, a few days later I checked it out and I had some messages. Three of them were from married men that wanted a mistress on the side so I hit The fourth was from a guy that sounded normal and gave me his msn addy so I added him and he was online. We started talking and found out that he didn't live that far from me. After talking for a few nights, he asked me out on a date. Well I had been a single mom for 8 yrs and hadn't dated in over a decade and I was so nervous that I was ready to be sick on the day of our date. Luckily I went anyway, because as soon as I walked in the restaurant and looked into his eyes I was his. I know that sounds goofy because I NEVER believed in love at first sight, but it is true. As soon as I sat with him, my nerves were gone and I knew I wanted to be with him forever. It was As we talked, the gnome told me that he only signed up for the dating service because a good friend pushed him into it. We owe a lot to those friends of ours. Neither of us are arsty craftsy and we don't like dwarf-hamsters..lmao.(there ya go I used the words fica...hahaha).

5. You can travel back in time and gather your 5 most wanted people to have a dinner party with. Who are they? and what is on the menu?
This one I found fun to think about. The 5 people I would want to invite to dinner are almost all dead..hope that is ok...they are the following:
1) My grannie Elliot ...because I love her very much and I miss her everyday. I would want to give her one more hug and let her know how much she is missed.
2)My grandpa Elliot..for the same reason as #1.
3) Princess Diana. I would love to talk to her and let her know how many lives she affected, all the good she did in her life and how many millions morned her death.
4) Pres. J.F. Kennedy. Again for the same reason as #3. He died before I was born but still I have weeped seeing the footage of the shooting and he gave the world so much.
5)Someone that is not dead but I still would love to have dinner with...Jerry Lewis. This man has spread laughter all over the world but more importantly has given hope and a voice to so many with muscular distrophy. He has let them know they are NOT alone and there IS someone trying to find a cure for such a terrible disease.
As for what we would eat....who caressssss I would be too busy gabbing and soaking in the conversation to pay attention to the food...lmao.

There ya go burfica, thx for the questions ...this was fun.. I challenge anyone reading this to do the same thing..just modify the questions accordingly and go for it..

to be always....


Phoenix5 said...

Interesting reading! Good job using Burfy's "wacky" words! LOL!

Burfica said...

That was cool. Now I know how you guys met, I never knew that. You old lush you. hehehehehe

I Love you list of 5 people too.

Canadian flake said...

phoenix- some how fica and wacky just fit in the same sentence don't they?? LOL

fica - I put a lot of thought into who I would invite to dinner. I hope that up in heaven, my Grannie knows how often I think of her and miss her...and I hope Diana knows how the world misses her and mourned her.

Laurie said...

but if you go to brazil, he'll find you... ;)

Canadian flake said...

laurie - trust me I have put a LOT of planning into my escape..when I made a break for it, no one will find me (unless I want them