Friday, February 29, 2008


I some how managed to lose a day this week and it just happened to be I missed dishing about Big Brother.

What a week to miss...omggggggg I couldn't believe it when I saw the clip of Amanda collapsing...then we found out later that Allison had also been hospitalized due to an allergic reaction to "something she ate"...well not too hard to figure out what it was when she was on slop for the week. Am I the only one that thinks BB needs to flush the slop and go back to PB and J for the losers of the food comp? I think when they have house guests passing out because they are hypo-glycemic it might be time to rethink this stupid slop...good grief!!

For those of you who are BB die hard fans...I have found 2 blogs devoted to BB 9. One called Big Brother Addicts isn't too bad. The other is called BB9...because you're addicted and it is really good. The author has the live feeds and does a really good job of keeping us slubs (aka those that have to buy food for gremlins instead of giving CBS our pennies and dimes) up-to-date of the going-ons.

Also, Sunshine has a friend that works for BB (I think so anyway..I am sure it was her that mentioned that to me...wasn't it???) So stop by and I am sure she will give you the info to her friend's blog about BB.

For many of the blogs that I read, it is Haiku Friday.

In honour of this, I have written some haiku about BB. Please keep in mind I am new at this and not very good...lmao.

Woohoo Big Brother
Entertaining us for now
Getting many hooked.

Watching faithfully
Due to the angry writers
Not wanting to work.

Hope Allison goes
Then want Josh to be the next
Chelsia sucks wind!!!

As always, to be continued.......